About us

Welcome to TrueHair

True Hair India is a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and immense exposure to most modern techniques in Hair Transplantation. We have in our fold Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Trichologists, technicians and nurses all of whom are extensively trained in state of the art techniques from centers at home and abroad.

With more than 10 years experience in Hair Transplantation, precision is imparted in all techniques from hair harvest, handling and implantation.

We at true hair India strive to attain excellence in results through perseverance and techniques that will satisfy our clients.

All clients are thoroughly assessed with regard to the condition of hair, density, donor site status and expectations of the client and are counseled regarding a realistic outcome. We will give valuable suggestions from our experience. The final call is always taken by the clients themselves.

The procedure being a day-case surgery, utmost care is taken by us to ensure well being of the client and his companion on the day of surgery.

We perform all procedures with all aseptic precautions and with such seriousness as with any major surgical procedure.

We ensure that our clients get in touch with us at all times, be it preoperative or post operative period for any clarifications or help they might solicit.

truehair "Transplant & Transform"