Body HT


Body hair transplantation (BHT) involves the transplantation of hair from a donor area other than the scalp. The donor area may be anywhere from the nape of the neck to the legs. Scalp hair remains as the most robust and preferred source of hair grafts for transplantation. Other sources include Beard, chest and abdomen, back, nape of neck, legs and even groin and armpits. Of these sites beard stands out as the best source after scalp as the donor area.

There are an increasing number of requests for BHT these days. Although it is performed in higher numbers, published data on its efficacy and long term results are very limited.

BHT is reserved for those advance cases of baldness where the scalp hair availability is less and for those who already underwent hair transplantation/s and depleted their scalp hairs. The long term results are unpredictable in terms of growth.

The technique used for harvesting is always FUE as a strip harvest from different parts of the body is very painful and not feasible. Tumescent fluid infiltration anesthesia is used for the harvesting in BHT.

Body hair Transplantations is categorized into beard hair BHT and non-beard BHT.A wet shave of the donor site 2 days prior in case of beard and 4 days prior in case of other donor sites is done. The hairs which grow after the shaving are considered to be in the growth phase and hence they are harvested. The application of 2% Minoxidil on the proposed donor areas for a few weeks prior to surgery gives better graft yield.

It will be better if a test procedure is undertaken before the person undergoes a body hair procedure to evaluate the yield and the appearance. If the person is satisfied with the results he can think of an extensive BHT procedure. This technique is technically demanding, which takes more time duration and multiple sessions.


Another variant of body hair transplantation is the implantation of hair into mustache, side burns, eye brows, chest, abdomen, pubic triangle and even eye lashes from scalp or other donor areas. This is done to increase the hair density or for camouflage the sequele of prior electrolysis, laser hair removal, scars, burns, accidents etc.

Sometimes multiple sessions may be required for getting the desired results. The FUE technique is employed for all these cases. The technique is technically challenging and tedious. It is time consuming and very expensive as well.

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